Friday, July 10, 2009


Did my first successful, non-assisted muscle-up yesterday. I got to put my name on a board and everything.

Muscle-up demo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I haven't felt like this since...

There are very few things I get more satisfaction out of than physical exhaustion. If I'm sore, tired, limping...whatever, I feel incredibly fulfilled knowing I pushed myself beyond my limits. When I played football and baseball I took this feeling for granted. I am, however, no longer regularly beaten to a pulp and relish in any opportunity to regain this feeling. That being said, I feel like shit right now. My latest 3-day set of Crossfit was:

Max weight back squat, shoulder press and deadlift (new PR at 140 kg/308 lbs)

5 rounds for time: run 800m, 30 1.25 pood kettle bell swings, 30 pull ups

Run 10k

I was obviously sore from Monday, Tuesday was aweful (it took almost an hour whereas most Crossfit workouts take 20 min or less), and the 10k was the icing.

I've got a massive blister on my foot, my hands are torn to shit, walking is a chore and I doubt I could do a single pull up right now. After my run today I realized that this is probably the most physically strained I've been since the aftermath of the Flying Pig last spring, which is fucking fantastic. Crossfit is not simply a workout plan; it's a sport. I'm starting to love it as much as any other.

Crossfit Atlanta - the best part of my day