Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shoe Render

Still need to do some tweaking, but here's my final design for my Reebok project. It's a low-profile cross-trainer meant for sprint and agility workouts rathter than distance. Other details include the outsole being brought high in the front to give traction to the sides for activities like rock climbing and dance. Rendered in Illustrator CS4.

1 comment:

John Ariosa said...

nice kicks, i dig the colors, the rendering could go for a little more pop imo. i did a quick paintover, hope you don't mind.http://www.daapspace.daap.uc.edu/files/download/ariosajj/RspEegGH9PrdT-6SiQQ53YumnZtUlCGoM4WI2DjcI1w
good luck getting the job!