Thursday, May 21, 2009

I should be smiling, but it won't happen any time soon

I'm going to accept a co-op. I should be happy, right? I just can't muster a smile. After the work I did in the fall and the recognition I received in the winter, I really thought I had turned the corner in terms of becoming the designer I hope to be. I wasn't worried at all about finding a job.

Then...nothing. No calls. Two interviews - one failed (fuck phone interviews), one with no chance of a job. Other students are getting the jobs I want, and all that's left are
fucking blow driers and a place in town that seems sketchier than Barry Bonds' hat size. I mean, these are the jobs that we make fun of and let the sophomores take. People always talk about cutting your teeth as a designer, but what drew me to UC was the fact that co-op replaces that. I paid my dues last quarter, and shouldn't have to again.

I know I'm whining when I shouldn't. I know I'm lucky to have an offer at all. But I felt like the next great thing was just over the horizon and I missed it. FAIL.

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Lisa said...

Oh, Jeffie, Jeffie, Jeffie. Sucks and I am sorry. Something good will come of this. Trust me. I will stake all my motherly credibility on it (I know, my miniscule motherly credibility.) I know we said this before, but... Don't forget the story of how Dad got laid off, took the crappy job that he hated that led to playing softball on the team where I was in a terrible relationship with the left fielder, and Dad couldn't find anybody to go with him to the concert, so asked me as a last resort, and I didn't want to go, but Grammy said I should just give him a chance, and I did, and we did, and we got married and had three wonderful brilliant kids, one of which was YOU--all because of some terrible, sucky circumstances to begin with. You will learn something--about yourself, other people or your craft--that will really help you in the long run. Or you will meet someone--a mentor, future referral, maybe the love of your life--that will redeem this situation. Trust me!