Thursday, October 9, 2008

If you want to know what newschool skiing is all about...

Skiing is my life, and I spend countless hours watching and rewatching skiing movies. There is always something new to see, a nuance that I missed the times before. For those who haven't experienced the world of newschool, I always point them to the trailer for Shanghai Six, a ski movie from three years ago.

At its core, a trailer should get people excited about the movie. It should make them want to see more. The trailer for Shanghai Six does just that. Its tempo, through both editing and music choice, provides excitement, while the visuals showcase the best the movie will have to offer. More than that, though, it accurately captures the vibe of the freeskiing community. We see it all - beautiful environments, riders ripping the mountain to shreds and kids just fooling around with their friends. The skiing lifestyle is an interesting mix of awe, adrenaline and comradery, and this trailer captures that feeling perfectly. It is the one trailer that I watch over and over, each time renewing my love for the sport.

Strangely, the actual movie is very different. It's pace is much slower, and the mood is considerably toned down. I can't understand how Level One could have gotten the trailer so right, but the movie so wrong. Oh well, I guess I'll always have the trailer.

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