Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why I love Honda

I get into arguments a lot with my brother in law. I despise General Motors, and he has worked for them his entire life. I can't help myself. Their design, their corporate responsibility, the face they put on for the public...it's just aweful. Anyway, most of our arguments end up with me using Honda as a counter-example. I love their cars, and believe that they're doing things they way it should be done. When I thought about how they communicate this, though, I realized they were unique in the fact that they don't.

Line up an Accord and a Malibu. The differences are blatant. In short, everything on a Honda just fits. The doors close with a more reassuring feeling, everything on the dash is where it should be and the car is just plain gorgeous. Anyone that has owned a Honda in the past will agree 100 percent, as will many who haven't. This has become Honda's image - the idea of pay a little more, get a lot more. What's strange, though, is that, while Honda has created superior cars, they have not created superior advertising. Their commercials and print ads are pretty run of the mill and by no means unique or eye catching.

Honda's brand image has been built entirely by the quality of their products. It's odd that a company that has been able to so consistently exceed their consumers' expectations of performance doesn't try harder to do the same with their advertising. Maybe they are content where they are, or maybe they just don't realize it. Whatever the reason, it is a unique case that I feel needs a little more thought on my part...

...In the mean time take a look at these; try to tell me they don't do cars right.

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Brian said...

Jeff, I have to agree that Honda has time and time again produced some of the most elegant and beautiful car designs on the road. As an answer to your question about their advertising though, I think their ads and their products ARE saying the same thing. What really makes their cars great is how wonderfully simple they are; their understated beauty and subtle design details allow them to stand out against more flashy or overdone cars.

On another note, did you happen to catch their display at Detroit this year? I have some photos if you want to check it out; in my opinion it was the best display at the auto show.