Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes, it all just works out

I have had some awful days this quarter, more than usual, but yesterday was just splendiferous. Perfect North Slopes, the small ski area near my house in Indiana, had it's official opening day. I felt great ripping turns, forward and switch, and even threw down a few switch tricks on the smallest, strangest jump of all time. I also decided I need to learn to snowboard. In an hour and a half I went from not being able to go 20 feet without falling to making it down the easy lift (and being able to turn, mind you.) Granted, I am still a danger to myself and others, but I'm pretty proud of figuring it out by myself in less than two hours.

Upon leaving Perfects my car went over 100,000 miles. Yay.

Finally, I went out with my friends from home. I always hate the idea of trying the relive the "glory days" of high school, but with my school schedule (no vacations due to co-op) I hardly every get to see them. It was nothing special. We went out to a bar, shot the shit and had a good time. I'm the type to go a little crazy without friends around, and these are my oldest and best. Though I'm not the one to say this kind of thing in person, I hope they realize how much they all mean to me.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to not sleeping next week.

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