Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things that were good - Things that were bad

Been following a graphic design blog lately that has been writing a series of posts on things that are good (e.g. sharks and the fact that they are referred to as killing machines) and things that are bad (e.g. invisible force fields surrounding wastebaskets.) With that in mind, here is my run down of the quarter, in those things good and bad:

Thing that was bad - I have never been beaten down by school the way I was this quarter
Thing that was good - My chair turned out great and is by far my best project

Thing that was bad - Got a shitty co-op
Thing that was good - Got a shitty co-op in what should be a fun town

Thing that was bad - I was not as dedicated to Crossfit as I have been in the past
Thing that was good - I maxed out on deadlift today at 300 lbs, so I'm still progressing

Thing that was bad - Messed up one relationship
Thing that was good - Met a lot of new people, especially in the Greek community

Thing that was bad - Had a shit for brains new drawing prof
Thing that was good - He's great for the program as a whole

Thing that was bad - Going to get my first ever B in a normal class
Thing that was good - Though it was incredibly interesting...most of the time

Thing that was bad - Had to pull more all/late-nighters than ever before (stupid drawing prof)
Thing that was good - Learned to enjoy going out to bars

Thing that was bad - Ski season had to end
Thing that was good - Though it ended with two of the most enjoyable days I've had on the snow

Thing that was good - If anything it was a memorable quarter.


a.aeschbury said...

Thing that was bad - Met a lot of new people, especially in the Greek community
Thing that was good - Messed up with one

Is this one backwards? I could see myself saying it but less you?

Ric Sweeney said...

Things that were good: Bought a professor a shot at Woody's
Things that were Better: Professor bought me a shot at Woody's