Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things that I love to hate and hate that everyone loves

Non-ski vacations
Not to say they aren't fun, but they pale in comparison to becoming pale (except for goggle tan) at a world class mountain. Between the two, everything's the same - drinking, nice restaurants, etc. - except when you ski you burn 900 calories per hour. When you sit your ass on the beach you burn your skin.

Take away every human but that creepy kid from Even Stevens and you have the exact same movie. Wait, the movie's about those people? Shit. Watching giant fighting robots, awesome. Watching John Turturro in the worst performance of his career, not awesome. I've never seen another movie more meant for stupid people.

I've never seen a TV show more meant for stupid people.

The Yankees
Why is baseball so messed up these days? Exhibit A. I don't hate them because they win all the time; I hate the way they've done it in the last 15 years, buying championships.

and finally...

One of the very few foods I just can't stand the taste of. Nothing against 99% of the world liking it, but do you really have to throw it in every time you make a casserole?

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