Monday, March 23, 2009

A weekend of skiing, friends and pink flamingos

I'm sore all over but can't stop smiling.

Every year since 2004, after they have closed to the public, Perfect North Slopes has hosted the Pink Flamingo Camp. All the snow that is left is pushed around to turn the hill into one giant terrain park. Regrettably, due to money/timing issues, I was never able to attend.

After leaving straight from co-op for an 11-hour drive, I finally made it back for PFC 6 and the best weekend of skiing I may have ever had.

The atmosphere at Perfects' terrain park is unmatched. Go to a resort, and the parks are full of trash talking twelve-year-olds who snake you in line and give you shit for taking it easy. This is not, nor has it ever been, the case at Perfects. Everyone loves to ride and loves that you do, too. Can't figure something out? Chances are someone will offer up advice without being asked. And, even though they're doing switch 1080's, you'll get props for you first 540. It's a great vibe to experience, and, compounded with getting to see some old friends, it made for one of those rare times that will cause an involuntary smile everytime it pops into my head.

The setup was top notch. Though it may have lacked the mid-sized jumps (25-35 feet) that I prefer to learn on, everything was laid out to perfection. Rails everywhere, as couple of small hits, a 40-foot step up, and a 60-foot step down that, though I wasn't comfortable enough to spin over it, may have been the most well-built jump I've ever hit.

Despite my personal suckitude on the slopes, the level of talent of the rest of the skiers rivals anything I've seen in a mountain terrain park. 450 pretzels, switch 1080's, superman front flips, nasty 360 hand drags, rodeo 900's, and even a double-cork 1260. It's simply amazing the talent that Perfects breeds.

I was too busy to shoot anything, but I'll throw up some pics when others get them online.

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