Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas, Miami and a Thirteen-Foot-Tall Christmas Tree

You know how everyone sends those annoying Christmas letters detailing their family's entire year? Well this post was intended to be like a shorter version of that covering my holidays. I wrote half of it, decided that even I was getting bored and scrapped it. Here are some bullet points:

- Great improvement with skis in the area of sliding rails, can't wait to jib myself to death at Mountian Creek

- Cut down what ended up being a thirteen-foot-tall Christmas tree (I'll try to find a picture)-Awesome

- Wall-E and The Dark Knight were presents, and watching them again was pure joy

- As per tradition, I got drunk on Christmas Eve

- Not as per tradition, we went to midnight mass. Avoid getting hammered before sitting through a bad priest's sermon at all costs.

- Saw some old friends, always fun to rehash the days of yesteryore (that's right - fuck our language - I make my own words)

- Went to Miami for New Year's Eve and the Orange Bowl - Tony Pike choked donkey dick, but South Beach was fun

- Living in NJ (for co-op) with my sister and her three kids. Hmm, how corrupted can three children become in ten weeks?

I would promise that the posts to come will be more interesting, but I have a hard time believing anyone besides my brother actually reads this...and he does it out of a strange mix of curiosity and pity.

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a.aeschbury said...

Right on with rails I will be doing the same in a minute here. I'm going to a "mountain" with 150 feet of elevation, no foolin. BLAH!