Friday, January 16, 2009

So I've decided two things

1. I randomly decided yesterday that I wan't to work on my digital sketching this quarter. Below is my first real attempt at pure digital sketching, just a couple of car sketches. Despite their lack of refinement, I would be happy with them as a first attempt, but they were done on a Cintiq. I need to be faster and cleaner, all while using a my tablet (unless anyone out there wants to give me two grand for a Cintiq.) We'll see...

B. The catalyst for said desision is the fact that I have also made the preliminary choice of a snowmobile for my senior thesis. I know, I know - we need to use design to help the world. More humanitarian ideas have crossed my mind, but one thing I know for sure (mostly through co-op) is that I become incredibly bored and frustrated when I'm designing things in which I have little personal interest. Don't get me wrong, though. I would love to be the one to revolutionize water distribution for refugees; it's just not a fun project. Besides, maybe this will turn into an avalanche rescue sled. Who knows? I can be sure, though, that doing something related to both snow and sports will hold my interest.

Anyway, the plan this quarter is to start doing research while I pump out a quick sketch and render portfolio piece. Research and redesigns will continue until I graduate. Chances are it won't happen this way (after all it did take me two co-op quarters just to do a ski boot), but we'll see...

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a.aeschbury said...

OMG comment tag. LOLS!

Those aren't bad at all. I have the same goal going, and lots of free time at work. I declare a SKETCHBATTLE!

its on.