Monday, January 26, 2009

Five films to put a smile on your face

People are always complaining that the winter depresses them (though, due to the orgasmosity of snow, I don't really understand it.) But, if you're feeling low, these flicks are sure to brighten your day.

It's weird, French and weirdly-French, but Jean-Pierre Jeunet's gorgeous story of a dreamer will reaffirm any faith you've lost in the human race.

Stranger Than Fiction
Turns out Will Ferrell is great when he's not being Will Ferrell. Witty, cute and insightful all at the same time.

Big Fish
I've always looked at life as if it was a movie. Edward Bloom saw it as his story to tell, and his is one that's worthy of the silver screen. Also, Billy Crudup is a tool.

The Citizen Kane of talking pig movies.

You've got to give it to Pixar, they know how to tell a story. A breathtakingly beautiful film, beginning to end.

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